University of Wisconsin Survey Center

For over 25 years, the University of Wisconsin Survey Center (UWSC) has provided a broad range of high quality survey research services to the UW community, governmental agencies, and not-for-profit organizations. We help design and implement all components of a survey ranging from questionnaire design and layout to data collection to report writing and analysis. Use our web site to learn more about the research services we provide or simply contact our Associate Director, John Stevenson, at (608) 262-9032 or for a cost estimate or to learn more.

All Together Now!

In October 2011, UWSC field operations bid farewell to their location at the Art Lofts Building. We are now in a single location for the first time in almost 20 years! UWSC offices are housed in the heart of campus on the 4th floor of Sterling Hall at 475 N. Charter St. Madison, WI 53706-1507. Phone numbers for our staff members are the same.

Employment Opportunities

We maintain a telephone interviewing staff at our call center in Madison, WI as well as a team of in-person interviewers, in a variety of locations around the state and the country. In addition, a variety of project management, programming, and field management positions may be available. Please view our listing of opportunities currently available.
Our staff is always happy to talk to you about your survey research interests.

Associate Director: John Stevenson:
Faculty Director: Professor Nora Cate Schaeffer:
Hiring and Staffing Coordinator: Steve Coombs:

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