Web Surveys

The UWSC has been conducting web-based surveys since 1998.

The technical staff at UWSC have developed powerful web-based data collection software. This software is written in PHP, the open-source web programming language. The software allows for a great degree of flexibility in questionnaire design. It allows us to create highly customized instruments that best meet the needs of our clients.

UWSC has the capability to send email to all web survey respondents (including follow-up reminder emails). Included in this email is a username and password that the respondent must use to access and complete the survey. All UWSC web surveys are hosted on a UWSC administered secure web server. During the completion of a web survey all web survey data are continually written to a secure UWSC database server. Upon completion survey data are delivered to clients in a fully labled and formatted SPSS, SAS, or STATA data set. UWSC also has the ability to collect and deliver rich and detailed web survey paradata.