Working at UWSC

We maintain a telephone interviewing staff at our call center on the UW-Madison campus in Sterling Hall as well as a team of in-person interviewers, in a variety of locations around the state and the country. In addition, the UW Survey Center retains an excellent, highly trained project staff including project directors, programmers, field staff, and business staff, who ensure that every project moves smoothly from inception to completion.

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The University of Wisconsin Survey Center is one of the largest academic survey research centers in the U.S. We are seeking up to 3 project directors to join our project directing team to manage survey research data collection projects. UWSC has 80 to 100 data collection projects active at any time, so successful applicants will have a proven ability to work in a fast paced, methodologically rigorous environment.

UWSC staff benefit from receiving expert training from top academic survey methodologists. Studies conducted at UWSC range from small web survey projects to multimillion-dollar longitudinal studies conducted for faculty at UW and other universities across the country, as well as for government agencies. Project directors at UWSC have an average tenure of over 10 years on the job. This is a workplace with a collaborative, welcoming, and supportive environment for building a career.

If you are ready to work with top researchers to collect innovative survey and social science data, apply today!

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UWSC regularly provides research internship opportunities through several programs in Letters and Science including these: