University of Wisconsin–Madison

Jesy G latest inspiration has been to meet color with gravity. “It’s forming a flow that isn’t quite me” says the artist. The art is painted reverse style on glass. Most often found windows. Her art encompasses views on human experience, expression and identity. Connecting and attaching branding of Band-aids that pose as feelings “ouch” that any generation can relate to; roads that lead to somewhere and itsy bitsy spiders that represent new beginning. Jesy g believes the mind is master of reality.

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UWSC Art Gallery

UWSC hosts exhibits in order to provide a dynamic and pleasant work environment for our employees, clients and visitors, and to support the art community. Exhibits run for approximately 3-4 months with up to 4 exhibits on display each year.

General Information

The Gallery

The gallery consists of 134 feet of display space and can only accommodate wall-mounted works.

The UWSC gallery in Sterling Hall is open to the public from 7:00am to 8:00pm daily.


UWSC will place a description of the exhibition on our website, along with an artist's bio and a selected image. The artist is free to invite viewers, but UWSC will not host receptions or gallery openings for exhibition openings.

Sales of Work

The exhibiting artist must handle any sale of artwork. UWSC does not handle sales or take a commission on any sales resulting from the display. Artists are welcome to provide purchasing contacts in their exhibit.