University of Wisconsin–Madison


The UW Survey Center retains an excellent, highly trained project staff including project directors, programmers, field staff, and business staff, who ensure that every project moves smoothly from inception to completion.

Center Directors

John Stevenson

Associate Director

(608) 262-9032

Methodologists and Statisticians

Jennifer Dykema, Ph.D.

Distinguished Scientist/Survey Methodologist

(608) 262-8385

Project Directors

Nadia Assad, M.S.

Project Director

(608) 890-2453

Ciara Bridges

Project Director

(608) 263-3139

Bob Cradock, M.S.

Senior Project Director

(608) 265-9885

Kenneth Croes, Ph.D.

Senior Project Director

(608) 262-6928

Kerryann DiLoreto, M.S.

Senior Project Director

(608) 265-6598

Kelly Elver

Project Management Director

(608) 262-7360

Jaime Faus

Senior Project Director

(608) 262-5757

Nathan Jones, Ph.D.

Senior Project Director

(608) 890-4724

Chad Kniss, M.S.

Senior Project Director

(608) 262-4157

Vicki Lein, M.S.

Senior Project Director

(608) 263-3427

Griselle Sánchez-Diettert

Senior Project Director

(608) 262-2164

Grete Wichmann, Ph.D.

Project Director

(608) 890-2452

Carol Wintheiser

Project Director

(608) 890-4388

Karen Zoladz, M.S.

Senior Project Director

(608) 265-9866


Brendan Day


(608) 265-2285

Kate Krueger


(608) 890-2234

Marie Nitschke


(608) 265-2835

Augie Salick


(608) 265-4064

Eric White

Technology Director

(608) 265-4066

Field Staff

Steve Coombs

Field Director

(608) 262-5603

Joe Degnitz, M.S.

Survey Research Supervisor

(608) 265-2680

Tom Francis

Tracing Supervisor

(608) 572-3825

Mai Nou Her

Quality Control Specialist

Kyle Krueger

Assistant CAPI Field Supervisor

(608) 261-1085

Leo Schultz

Mail and Data Entry Supervisor

(608) 890-4319

Nick Schultz

CAPI Field Supervisor

(608) 890-4316

Rob Schultz

CAPI Field Supervisor

(608) 263-3820

Garrett Wartenweiler

Survey Research Supervisor

(608) 890-0112

Lauren Wojcik

Survey Research Supervisor

Kevin Wong

Quality Control Specialist

Business Staff

Carrie Barrett

Business Office Manager

(608) 262-8403

Magda Danielson

Payroll and Benefits Specialist



Steering (Executive) Committee

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee:

  • Provide policy direction for the Center Provide budgetary oversight
  • Conduct search for Director; recommend candidate for Director to the Dean Review annual report of the Director
  • Advise the Director and Associate Directors on policy and operational issues
  • Participate in the Center’s strategic planning
  • Promote the position of the Center throughout the University
  • Participate in Center’s efforts to secure external funding
  • Promote the interests of the Center within and outside the UW-Madison

Barry Burden, Ph.D.

Professor - Political Science, Director of the Elections Research Center

Eric Camburn, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - School of Education

Betty Chewning, Ph.D.

Professor, Social and Administrative Sciences Division - School of Pharmacy

J. Michael Collins MPP, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Department of Consumer Science, Faculty Director - Center for Financial Security

Eric Grodsky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology

Mari Palta, Ph.D.

Professor, Departments of Population Health Sciences & Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

Dietram A Scheufele, Ph.D.

Professor of Life Sciences Communication

Jim Sweet, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Sociology