Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS)

The WLS is a unique, large-scale longitudinal study of adults and their families that covers more than half a century of life. It is a valuable resource for research on aging, life course, inter-generational transfers, relationships, family functioning, long term effects of education and cognitive ability, occupational careers, physical and mental well-being, and morbidity and mortality.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) is a population-based CDC surveillance system to reduce infant mortality and low birth weight. Started in 1987, PRAMS collects state-specific data on maternal behaviors that will be used for planning and assessing perinatal health programs. UWSC has been conducting the phone follow-up to the mail survey for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services since 2007.

TEAM Study of African Americans with High Blood Pressure

The TEAM Study is a longitudinal study of 700 African Americans with high blood pressure. The study examines the an intervention approach whereby community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in these five Wisconsin cities help educate patients about their blood pressure, medications and other strategies needed to control blood pressure, and communicate with the patients’ doctors when appropriate.