Featured Artist – CLEAN (Campus Leaders for Energy Action Now)

The UWSC Art Gallery is currently featuring a new mural collection created by CLEAN (Campus Leaders for Energy Action Now), a coalition of student organizations, students, and community members dedicated to committing the University of Wisconsin – Madison to 100% clean energy by 2035. 

Featured Artist – Keary Kautzer

Keary Kautzer paints in the American Impressionist style, painting with limited hues to set a mood to draw the viewer in.  Living in Sheboygan along the shoreline of Lake Michigan is a main reason why many of his paintings have water related scenes.  A career as Executive Director of WSCS, the Sheboygan community television station, has enabled him to transfer his visual experiences into his paintings.   Keary studied watercolor painting with James Michael, especially en plein air.  Since his retirement in 2016, Keary has traveled through Europe and the United States.

Featured Artist – Jesy Grose

Jesy G latest inspiration has been to meet color with gravity. “It’s forming a flow that isn’t quite me” says the artist. The art is painted reverse style on glass. Most often found windows. Her art encompasses views on human experience, expression and identity. Connecting and attaching branding of Band-aids that pose as feelings “ouch” that any generation can relate to; roads that lead to somewhere and itsy bitsy spiders that represent new beginning. Jesy g believes the mind is master of reality.