Featured Artist – Jesy Grose

Artist Name: Jesy Grose

Dates: June – October 31, 2017

UWSC is pleased to offer an exhibition of original paintings on wood-framed vintage windows by Chicago artist Jesy Grose on the 4th floor of Sterling Hall.

Artist Statement and Bio:
My true canvas is of old glass windows. I paint backwards so everything you see is a reverse from the image. The materials used are acrylic, oil markers, India ink, spray paint and much more. Through my series of abstracts it’s about manipulation and spontaneity. I ask gravity to play with the colors watching them collide and mix together. There’s grace in its movement with a yearning to connect. It’s about space, color and time. One instinctive way to bring color back with fluid movement.

I’m a self-taught artist and started my career in Faux finish. I’ve painted since age 10, perfecting my way of seeing colors. I started selling my abstracts in restaurants and left the Faux Finish business for my art career in 2007. I traveled a couple years and ended up back in Chicago. Mixing culture and affairs of the world through my own experience I’ve created. Your mind is the master of your reality.