City of Brookfield Comprehensive Plan


City of Brookfield


As the City of Brookfield completes its ten-year update of the Comprehensive Plan, City officials wish to learn the community’s desires related to growth and change in Brookfield over the next 30 years. A random selection of households from all Brookfield addresses are being asked to complete the survey. The results of this survey will help guide the City’s 2050 Comprehensive Plan. Once adopted, the 2050 Comprehensive Plan will direct the City’s long-term vision for growth, development, and preservation. A draft 2050 Comprehensive Plan is available for review at, the Library, or at the City Clerk counter or Department of Community Development counter in City Hall. The 2050 Comprehensive Plan will describe how this vision can be achieved and what priority to assign to different parts of the vision.


Kelly Elver


September 2019