La Follette Policy Poll – exploring Wisconsinites’ points of view

The Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs has released the results of the La Follette Policy Poll.  The results of the poll help to explore Wisconsinites’ attitudes about policy issues at both the state and national level.  The poll is not a political poll focusing on political candidates or political races rather it focuses on public policy issues that affect all Wisconsin residents.  The University of Wisconsin Survey Center (UWSC) provided the data collection services for Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs with this important poll of Wisconsin residents.  UWSC fielded a large sample of 5,000 households. Sample households were drawn to accurately represent all households in the State of Wisconsin.  Sample was a probability based, statistical sample drawn randomly from a list of all households in Wisconsin maintained by the Unites States Postal Service.  The achieved response rate was 32.54%, a very high response rate for surveys of the general public conducted by mail.

Results of the study can be found at:

UW News Release:

Poll takes Wisconsin’s temperature on policy in leadup to 2022 elections

Questions can be directed to Senior Project Director, Chad Kniss.