Survey of Fourth Quarter W-2 Leavers


Department of Workforce Development (DWD)


The purpose of this project was to provide a description of the experiences of people who left W-2, Wisconsin’s work-based replacement for AFDC, during the fourth quarter of 1998 and to assess the effects of welfare reform on helping people obtain and retain employment. A name sample of 550 W-2 leavers was provided to the UWSC by the DWD. The UWSC conducted as many interviews by telephone as possible, then individuals who could not be reached by phone were be interviewed in person by DWD field interviewers. This marked the third round of calls the UWSC made to people who left W-2 in 1998. The UWSC interviewed individuals who left W-2 in the second quarter of 1998 earlier in 1999, and recently completed telephone interviews with third quarter leavers for the DWD.


Debra Wright


June 1999 – Sept 1999