UWSC staff participate in the annual IFD&TC (International Field Directors and Technologies Conference)

UWSC staff continued to provide a strong presence at the annual International Field Directors & Technologies Conference (IFD&TC) held in Delray Beach, Florida in May. A large group of UWSC actively participated and presented at the annual meeting (staff names appear in bold):

  • Heidi Guyer, Nancy Gebler, Kerryann DiLoreto, Katie Lundeen, Frank Mierzwa, and Casey Tischner, “Spitting In Public: Collecting Biomarkers and Physical Measures”
  • Lisa Klein, Data Quality Issues in Mixed-Mode Self-Administered Surveys”
  • Lisa Klein and Christopher Huard, “Human-Based Versus Optical Scanning Methods of Data Entry”
  • Wes Taylor, “Finding Waldo: Tracing Module Design and Use for Systematic Tracking Data Collection and Tracing Effort Evaluation”
  • Eric White, “Remote Instrument Testing Using MS Server 2008 and Terminal Services (or Competing With the Cloud)”
  • Eric White, “Ultra-Mobile PCs: Where Do They Fit in?”