UWSC staff participate in the annual MAPOR (Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research) Conference

UWSC staff will present papers at the annual meeting of the 2011 conference of the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research (MAPOR) in Chicago, Illinois on November 18-19. Their papers highlight results from two experiments recently conducted at the UW Survey Center. The first experiment involves an experiment in questionnaire design on the effects of agree-disagree versus construct-specific items on data quality. The second experiment looks at the effects of lotteries and other incentives on response rates, costs, and data quality in a web survey.(staff names appear in bold):

  • Jennifer Dykema, Nora Cate Schaeffer, and Dana Garbarski, “Measuring Political Efficacy: A Comparison between Agree/Disagree Versus Construct-Specific Items”
  • John Stevenson, Jennifer Dykema, Lisa Klein, Kristen Cyffka, and Sara Goldrick-Rab, “Effects of Post-Incentives on Response Rates, Costs, and Response Quality in a Web Survey of College Students”

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