UWSC staff to participate in the annual IFD&TC (International Field Directors and Technologies Conference)

UWSC staff will continue to provide a strong presence at the annual International Field Directors and Technologies Conference (IFD&TC) to be held in Orlando, Florida from May 20-23. A large group of UWSC staff are presenting at the annual meeting including (staff names appear in bold):

  • Steve Coombs and Rob Schultz, Panel discussion on “Innovations in Training”
  • Kenneth Croes and Kerryann DiLoreto, Panel discussion on “Biomarkers”
  • Kerryann DiLoreto, Jennifer Dykema and Ben Taft, “Selecting and Recording Voices for ACASI (Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interviewing): Voice Characteristics and Other Considerations”
  • Kelly Elver, Panel discussion on “Planning Your Career in Survey Research”
  • Kate Golen, “iPad as Viewer and Memory Aid for Respondents in a Collaborative Approach to CAPI Interviewing”
  • Karen Jaques and Rae Ganci, “Designing Envelopes to Encourage Response: Considerations and Effects of Experimentation”

In addition to these presentations, Nora Cate Schaeffer (UWSC Faculty Director) wil deliver the keynote address, “Still Here … The Interviewer in Survey Research,” while John Stevenson (UWSC Associate Director) and Kelly Elver (Director of Project Management) work behind the scenes on the Organizing Committee.To visit the International Field Directors and Technologies Conference website click here.