UWSC staff to participate in the annual IFD&TC (International Field Directors and Technologies Conference)

UWSC staff will continue to provide a strong presence at the annual International Field Directors and Technologies Conference (IFD&TC) to be held in Chicago, Illinois in May. A large group of UWSC staff are presenting at the annual meeting including (staff names appear in bold):

  • Steve Coombs and Nick Schultz, “Pathfinder: Routing Interviewers Efficiently for Field Studies”
  • Kelly Elver, “Lessons Learned Using Address Based Sampling to Conduct Mail Surveys of Populations Randomly Sampled From Among the General Population”
  • Lisa Klein, “Using Facebook As a Locating Tool on a Longitudinal Study of College Students”
  • Drew Vogel, “Implementing User Mode Linux”
  • In addition to these formal presentations, several UWSC staff will also be facilitating sessions on a variety of methodological issues.

To visit the International Field Directors and Technologies Conference website click here.