UWSC staff to participate in the annual IFD&TC (International Field Directors and Technologies Conference)

UWSC staff will continue their tradition of providing a strong presence at the annual International Field Directors and Technologies Conference (IFD&TC) to be held in Providence, Rhode Island from May 19-22. A large group of UWSC staff are presenting at the annual meeting including (staff names appear in bold):

  • Chad Kniss: “Lessons Learned from Replacing an RDD Sample with an Address-Based Sample for a Telephone Survey”
  • Rob Schultz: “Practical Considerations for Production Staff when Fielding a CATI Survey with an Address Based Sample (ABS) Frame”
  • Carrie Barrett and Nick Schultz: “Best Practices in Quality Control for Mail Surveys and Data Entry”
  • Steve Bochte: “Designing a CAPI Case Management and Synchronization Infrastructure”

In addition to these presentations, John Stevenson (UWSC Associate Director) and Kelly Elver (Director of Project Management) will be working behind the scenes on the Organizing Committee, and Eric White, Steve Coombs, Kerryann DiLoreto, Tara Piche and Griselle Sanchez will be serving as facilitators.To visit the International Field Directors and Technologies Conference website click here.