Illinois Reporter Consults UWSC Faculty Director Nora Cate Schaeffer about Interpreting Survey Results

Politicians often site survey results in their speeches, but they may not have experience or training to evaluate those numbers.  Kiannah Sepeda-Miller with the Better Government Association consulted UWSC Faculty Director Nora Cate Schaeffer about a survey that a politician was using to claim that 80% of the country is “living paycheck to paycheck.”  Unfortunately, the details of where that percentage came from – who was asked and exactly what they were asked – are no longer available, so the politician’s claim cannot be evaluated easily.  Schaeffer is quoted in the article as saying,  “If you’re asking people to look at a percentage of any kind without providing a way for people to also get access to the underlying information about data collection, you’re really asking people to take something on faith.”  UWSC, as a member of AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative, provides clients with critical information about the data that we collect.

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