Improving the Quality of Your Survey Research: Data Collection Tips from Seasoned Professionals

ICTR CAP Ed & UW Survey Center will be offering a workshop on June 28, 2018.

The UW Survey Center (UWSC) has conducted more than a thousand surveys since its inception in 1987. At this event, Survey Center Associate Director John Stevenson and Distinguished Scientist and Senior Survey Methodologist Dr. Jennifer Dykema will discuss the resources the center brings to campus, how to use these resources, and how to enhance your grant applications by adding their expertise. At this session they will talk about what the Survey Center can add to your study by highlighting some best practices in new and prevailing survey research methods, how to develop instruments to collect high quality data, and more. This event will benefit investigators, scientists, and research staff. It will be geared toward survey research in the health sciences, but useful to any discipline that uses questionnaires to collect data. See event details here.