The UWSC joins ICTR as a Community-Academic Partnership Program

The UWSC is excited to announce a new collaboration with ICTR (the UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research). In June, the UWSC joined and became one of the 27 UW and Marshfield Programs that are part of the ICTR CAP (Community-Academic Partnership) Program. ICTR CAP mobilizes resources by centralizing and organizing research networks, creating new networks, and creating and adapting research and training programs. As an ICTR CAP program, the UWSC is thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate and be a potential partner for faculty and community stakeholders. “While the UWSC has provided research services to members in the past, we are extremely enthusiastic about increasing awareness of members to the myriad of services and expertise we can bring to partners and their studies and programs. We look forward to the many new opportunities to work with our colleagues in ICTR” notes Associate Director John Stevenson. See for more information on ICTR-CAP Programs and Affiliates.