We Collected What??? Designing In-Home Collection of Stool and Water Samples for the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study

UWSC conducted a series of focus groups, then launched a pilot effort to collect human microbiome samples, drinking water samples and tests, and a self-administered questionnaire from a subset of Graduate and Sibling participants and their spouses or partners for the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS).

This pilot effort was the first of its kind to better understand the human microbiome and its relationship to health outcomes by partnering cutting-edge microbiology research with a landmark social science dataset. The wealth of data about life experience and health already collected and analyzed by WLS hold immense potential to lead to new findings when combined with research on the human microbiome.

UWSC collected over 400 stool and water samples from Graduates and Siblings, as well as from their spouses and partners. The response rate among the Graduates and Siblings was 70% for the samples, with a 90% cooperation rate for the SAQ.

Click here to view slides from a presentation by Karen Jaques, Kerryann DiLoreto, and Rae Ganci Hammers on this collection effort. More information on the pilot effort and WLS can be found at www.wisls.org.