University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Climate Student Survey


Patrick Sims, Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate and Chief Diversity Officer


The UW Survey Center worked in collaboration with the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement to conduct a campus-wide student climate survey in the fall of 2016. All undergraduate, graduate and professional students were asked to complete a web survey regarding students’ perceptions of the cultural environment on the UW-Madison campus. The goal of the study was to inform UW-Madison about ways to create and update initiatives designed to make the UW-Madison a welcoming environment that enables all students, faculty and staff to thrive.
In addition to the census survey of all students, a random subsample was drawn, and this subsample was offered a $10 cash reward for completing the survey. In total, 8,589 of the 41,956 UW-Madison students enrolled in the fall semester of 2016 completed the survey. Of the 8,589 total completed surveys, 2,300 of the 7,500 members of the incentivized random subsample participated (30.7%), and 6,289 of the 34,456 members of the non-incentivized group participated (18.3%). The combined response rate of these two groups was 20.5%.
Following the completion of the survey field period, the UWSC delivered quantitative data to the UW-Madison APIR for analysis, and under the direction of UWSC project director Dr. Ken Croes, completed an effort to qualitatively code open-ended responses and comments from the incentivized subsample of 2,300 completed surveys. This qualitative coding was completed in spring and early summer of, 2017.


Kelly Elver, Nathan Jones, and Ken Croes


October 2016 – November 2016