UWSC Hosts Visitors from the National Analytical Center (or Nazarbayev University) in Kazakhstan

The UWSC welcomed guests from Kazakhstan to learn about survey center operations: Ms. Aktoty Aitzhanova (Chief Economist of NAC), Mrs. Saule Gazizova (Senior Researcher of Surveys and Statistics Center of NAC), Mr. Assylan Akimbayev (Researcher-analyst of Surveys and Statistics Center of NAC), and Mr. Alexey Shirokoborodov (Researcher-analyst of Surveys and Statistics Center of NAC). The National Analytical Center was offered presentations by UWSC clients and steering committee members from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, including Dr. Eric Camburn(School of Education), Dr. Paul Moberg (Evaluation Research Group, UW Population Health Institute) and Dr. Barry Radler (MIDUS, Institute on Aging).

Special thanks to the UWSC Team for hosting these guests: Dr. Nora Cate Schaeffer (Faculty Director and Sociology Professor), Dr. Jennifer Dykema (Senior Survey Methodologist and Senior Scientist), Steve Coombs (Director of Field Operations), Kelly Elver (Director of Project Management), Eric White (Director of IT), Carrie Barrett (Business Office Manager), John Stevenson (Associate Director), Dr. Nathan Jones (Senior Project Director), Kerryann DiLoreto (Senior Project Director), and Karen Zoladz (Senior Project Director).